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What we do and how we can help you

If I Can't FIx It It Ain't Broke!!  Thats our motto.  We can do ANYTHING!!  Let us take our "CAN-DO" attitude on the job and make your house into your HOME. We have the skills and the specialty tools to get the job done right the first time.  There are many "Handy-Men"  out there who think they can do any job with a pair of pliers, a roll of Duct Tape, and some baling wire.  But do you want them working on YOUR HOME? We have the right tools, the experience and the training to do the job right the first time.  Give us a call to schedule your project.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you want to gut to the studs and completely redesign or just have a facelift, we can do it all. Your Kitchen and Bathroom are the most functional and useful spaces in your home. We want to make sure they work for you!

3D Autocad Large Project Preview

We have all heard horror stories of projects gone bad or a mis-understood contract.  If a Picture is worth a thousand words, a 3-D autocad photorealistic rendering of the project you are having done is worth a million! 

Handicap Accessibility

Some folks are not as fortunate as others and we know how to accommodate many different disabilities from wheelchair ramp access to installing strategically located hand grabs, railings and shower seats, we can do it all and make your home accommodating and safer for your individual needs.

Fire and Water Damage Repair

Tragedy can strike at any time and it rarely gives us notice. When you have an emergency, we can help. Emergency Board Up Services to restoring your home to a clean an livable space you can appreciate. Flood and fire restoration is our specialty.

Window and Door Replacement

Many homes suffer from windows that offer a view but little if any insulation from the cold winter elements. Give us a call for a custom quote replacing your cold drafty glass with a double or triple pane gas filled energy saving model today.  Entry doors often wear out with age and daily abuse.  Let us install a new weathertite door to keep the cold out.  Or we can even adjust your latches and make it close correctly without having to fight with the hardware.

Drywall Installation and Repair

From a small fist size patch to large sections of missing drywall left from more intrusive repairs we can make them all disappear.  Invisible patches are easy and Large jobs and new construction installations are also available

Winter Weatherization

Jack Frost can certainly take his tole on your winter heating bill.  We can identify and seal cold drafts and insulate your home to make it much more comfortable on you AND easier on your heating bill.  Don't watch your money float through your window.  Let us help you warm up your home.

Garage Door & Opener repair / replacement

When your garage door fails to open and you can't get out to go to work, what do you do? I FIX ALASKA HOUSES is here to save the day.  We can replace torsion springs, repair and replace openers and even replace the entire door if needed.  Give us a call, we can do it all!!

Patio and Decks

From a broken deck board to complete overhaul we can do it.  Several styles and options to choose from.  Contact us to make an appointment and get a free estimate and custom design made to match the style of your home. Trex, Composites, Cedar, All Weather Wood, tree houses and sand boxes, we can do it all. 

Custom Trim

Crown molding can significantly dress up any room, but it doesn't have to stop there.  Base, wainscotting, and trayed ceilings add texture, class and sophistication to any room. 

Drop Ceiling Installation

Adding a suspended ceiling can dress up an unfinished basement while leaving all the plumbing and electrical easily accessible. 

Interior and Exterior painting

Custom colors can make your home stand out or blend in with the neighbors.  Make your home a conversation piece or just freshen up with a new color.  Let us make your home shine as the nicest on the block!!

Selling??  Home Inspection punch lists

When you have outgrown youir home and it is time to move on, a home inspection may reveal deficiencies that need to be corrected. From a broken light fixture to a more serious safety code required upgrade, let I FIX ALASKA HOUSES take the stress out of needed repairs to your home. We are your one stop shop for everything residential. 

Our Commitment To You

All of our services come with a 1 year warranty against defective workmanship. Customer satisfaction is key to a great working relationship with our customers.  Many of our customers have kept coming back year after year with new projects and our many services we offer.  Give us a call to let us know how we can make your life easier!!

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